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Find Wine
UX Process & UI Design

Find Wine was a project completed with three other students over the course of a semester. The app was created to help make wine approachable for people newly able to drink, and make learning about wine less pretentious and complicated. 

iPhone 12 MockupApp.jpg

Project Background

Our project is focused to help primarily young adults who want to be educated and learn about wine. Our goal is to help young adults know how to purchase wine to their liking.

Shades of Rose Wine

Problem Statement

Many individuals, especially young adults, find the process of choosing wine to purchase overwhelming because they lack information on types of wine, the best way to pair them with food, and what events to serve them at.

Target User

The target user for our product is someone, around the ages of 21-25 who enjoys drinking wine, but doesn’t know anything about it. 

Drinks in the Garden

User Interview Findings

  • Young adults have trouble deciding on a wine type and brand

  • Price range is relatively cheap ($6-20)


  • Base decisions off of word of mouth or label design. 


  • They usually drink wine casually with friends or with meals.

Thematic Analysis
Based on Interviews, we found that..
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