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Stick 'n' Poke Tattoo Kit

Don’t Tell Mom is a Stick ‘n’ Poke Tattoo Kit that helps people rebel in a safe way. Stick ‘n’ pokes are popular among people who may not be old enough to get a tattoo, don’t want to pay the high cost of tattoos, or want to express themselves. The design is inspired by flash sheets you see at tattoo shops but mixed with the fun hand-drawn nature of most stick n' poke. The kit contains sterile needles, tattoo ink, a couple sets of sterile latex gloves, and an instruction guide with a sheet of tattoo stencils featured on the packaging.

06 Tin Can Mock-Up v1.jpg
Pouch Bag Mockup.jpg
Pouch Bag Mockup_Back.jpg
Tattoo Ink Bottle
White box to hold tattoo needles
Booklet with tattoo instructions
Don't Tell Mom Tattoo Logo
Black and white doodles
Pink and black doodles
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